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Active Schools

The Active Schools programme is the foundation and critical element in Sport England's commitment to involving more people in sport. The programme complements and reinforces the two other elements of the programme, Active Sport and Active Communities.


Arts Council England Artsmark

Artsmark is a national award scheme managed by Arts Council England that recognises schools with a high level of provision in the arts.  By gaining an Artsmark, a school shows its commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of the arts in the school and local community.

Wilberfoss Primary School is very proud to have been awarded the Arts Council England Artsmark in 2009.


Basic Skills - Primary Quality Mark

The Primary Quality Mark is awarded to nursery, infant, junior, primary, first, middle and special schools throughout England. The Quality Mark is about recognising schools that meet minimum standards in teaching literacy and numeracy. The award is organised by the Basic Skills Agency.
Wilberfoss Primary is proud to have achieved the level 3 quality mark.


Church School Awards

The Church School Awards are designed to promote the fantastic and vital work done in the areas of community cohesion and global citizenship. The Awards are an opportunity for everyone involved in Christian education to celebrate the unique and vital work that students, teachers, governors and staff do for their local communities, for our country and throughout the world.

We were delighted to be listed as a finalist in the 2011/2012 awards in December 2011. We feel this is an indication of our ongoing commitment to creating positive citizens, acting now to make a better community for us all.


Financial Management Standard In Schools

The standard is a simple statement of what a school that is managed well financially should look like. The standard provides a useful tool for reassuring parents, governors, finance committees, local authorities and Ofsted that steps are in place to ensure sound financial management and our school is able to manage resources more efficiently, leading to an increase in value for money.


Heartbeat Award

The Heartbeat Award is a nationally recognised award given to caterers who demonstrate a commitment to customer care through the provision of a healthier environment and healthier food choices.


Healthy School Award

Healthy Schools help children and young people to reach their potential by building on a solid foundation of health to do better in learning and in life.

The Programme isn't just about physical health, it's about good health and happiness inside and out. And it's not just about pupils either; a Healthy School involves the whole school community; from parents to governors to school staff, in improving their health and their happiness and getting the most out of life.


Inclusive School - Silver Award

Wilberfoss Primary School is proud to be an inclusive school with every child able to access the lessons and activities of the school.

The Inclusion Quality Mark covers everything in school, from students with special learning needs to the most able and those needing more help with literacy and numeracy.


Modeshift’s National Sustainable Travel Awards

We're proud to hold the Silver Modeshift National Travel Award.
Modeshift Awards are given to recognise schemes, projects or other activities that support and encourage sustainable travel, by highlighting best practice, showing innovation and being inspirational.


Regional Inclusion Chartermark

Wilberfoss Primary School is proud to be an inclusive school with every child able to access the lessons and activities of the school.
Working closely with local authorities and key partners, aiming to make a positive difference to the lives of children and young people with additional needs and their parents and carers.


School Games Mark - Silver Award

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. 


School Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan is a document allowing a school to show its commitment to sustainable travel, while highlighting travel related issues.


Sustainable Travel 

Wilberfoss Primary is acreditted and recognised at a sustainable level.

This accreditation scheme has been designed to ensure a long-term commitment to sustainable travel planning in schools.

Most importantly, the accreditation scheme is in place to ensure that the standard level of school travel plan is sufficient to promote and achieve modal shift away from the car for the journey to and from school.