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Foundation / Year 1

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Fantastic Phonics!


F2 have been working really hard in phonics and we are doing really well at remembering our sounds. This term we are now working on Phase 3. At the moment we are learning....






i n m d g o c k


e u r h b f ff l ll ss  
the to no go I              
j v w x y z zz sh ch th ng ai
ee igh oa





ar or ur          
he she we me be was my              


Can you practise them at home?

Pancake Day!

Tuesday 28th February 2017


Image result for mr wolf's pancakes


We had lots of fun this morning! We read Mr Wolfs Pancakes and wrote a list of all the things he needed to buy to make his pancakes. Then we weighed out the flour, cracked the eggs and measured how much milk we needed. We all had a go at mixing it all together. After playtime we joined Miss Petty's class to eat our pancakes. They were delicious!

Letters to Tim Peake


We have all loved learning about space this half term! The children wanted to find out about astronauts so we spent a week learning about Tim Peake. We watched Cosmic Classroom from last year where Riley B from year 2 had a question answered by Tim from the International Space Station. All the children had lots of questions so we thought it would be a good idea to write to Tim Peake to ask him some of our questions. We are going to tweet them to him and are really hoping he will see them!


Have a look below at our writing. The children thought of some great questions!

Visit to the Moon


On Friday 13th January 2017 we joined Miss Petty's class and went to the moon! Mrs Pattison and Mrs Shakeshaft checked and stamped our passports before we were allowed to go. We then searched the field for the rocket but NASA had forgotten to deliver it. Luckily, Miss Petty had brought her parachute as a back up plan and we used it to take us to the moon! When we got to the moon we saw lots of different things. We saw rockets, planets, the International Space Station, craters, shooting stars, footsteps and moon buggies. We thought it was very dark and dusty on the moon and we noticed that there was no wind and no trees. We then jumped off the moon and landed back on the playground. Finally, we went back into the classroom and ate the biscuits and honey that Baby Bear had left on the moon. 

Christmas Activity Day


We have had a great day today making our Christmas crafts. Our Christmas tree looks fantastic!

Make a Wish!


We went to stir the Christmas cake in Foundation. We all made our Christmas wishes!

Anti-Bullying Week 2016



This years theme was 'Power for Good'. In our class, we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We acted out some scenarios where children were not being kind. Then we thought about what they could do to be a good friend. We have written each other 'Good Friend' certificates and turned ourselves into superheroes to show that we are all kind and helpful to the other children in school.



We have been thinking about Autumn in our class. We went on a nature hunt around the school grounds and found lots of leaves, pine cones, sticks and acorns. We talked about what we noticed about the leaves during Autumn. We used the objects that we found to create Autumn pictures. We have also been printing with leaves and made some hedgehogs. 

Harvest Festival


On Tuesday 4th October we went to church with the rest of the school for our Harvest Festival. Our class sang a song called 'Here's What we do at Harvest Time'. We all sang really well and joined in with the actions. Have a look at the photos below of us in church.

Roald Dahl Day - Tuesday 13th September 2016


We had great fun dressing up and celebrating Roald Dahl Day! We had a parade with the rest of the school to show our costumes and books. We made George's Marvellous Medicine in the morning, it was fun and bit messy!


Our First Week


We have had an excellent start to the school year. All the children have settled well into our class and we have been having lots of fun. Have a look at our photos to see some of the great things we have been doing.