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Remembrance poppies

As part of commemorating the WWI Centenary all of the pupils at Wilberfoss are creating their own art for a school wide display. 

Self Portraits

The Foundation Stage pupils come up to the ICT Suite every Monday, for lots of different activities. But before we realluy get going we like to see how their basic computer skills are, how well they hold a mouse, how well they understand that the mouse movements are replicated on-screen.

The best way to do this quickly and easily, along with lots of fun for them, is to set them a painting challenge - draw yourselves! This allows us to very quickly and easily see how well they get on with holding a mouse, clicking, dragging, and a few other skills.


Self Portraits - Starting School

More self-portraits, this time on our big starting school display!

Happy Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we asked the Foundation Stage 2 pupils to "draw Mummy"....