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We Are Reseachers

As part of their "We Are Researchers" Computing topic, Year 2 have been learning all about searching for information and using it for a purpose. They've looked at search engines and algorithms, compared different ways of finding information and used the information they searched for to create these great Polar Bear Wordles...

Creating Pictures - In a Jackson Pollock style

We love making art, and it's very useful for the children to see how to make great art on the compute, so to start them off we show them several famous artists and ask them to draw "in the style of".

First up, American painter Jackson Pollock

It may look easy to do, but it needs the pupils to be aware of how to use their paint package to change brushes, sizes, effects and colours. 

This year we worked in 2Simple 2Paint, and worked really hard to make great art. The children chose the tools and styles they wanted to use, whether they wanted a scratchy straight line style or a splash pain effect.

Making Piet Mondrian pictures

As part of a project to use computers to make art we've been looking at the works of several artists and making pictures in their style. 

To create Piet Mondrian artwork the pupils use the computer to create lines of different length and thickness and then using the fill command to paint with colour.

Our first set of pictures below use Mondrian's original colour scheme of blue, red and yellow.

With the second set Year 2 chose their own colours, sticking to Modrian's pattern of 5 tones.

We used 2Simple 2 Paint A Picture and Tuxpaint for our Mondrian pictures.

Making pictures in the Stella style!

Year 2 have been experimenting with making pictures in the style of the painter Frank Stella.

Using different shapes, lines, and colour fills they were given the task of making their own versions.

They produced some excellent, creative, and very inventive work!

Making pictures in the Kandinsky style!

More artistic endeavor from Year 2, budding artists all of them!

We've been looking at different artists in an ICT topic and creating wonderful pictures in their style. This time we're looking at Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.