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Online Safety For Parents

The Internet is fundamentally changing the way education is delivered and we're aware that the changes in technology can often seem bewildering to parents, particularly when your children are often far more aware new technologies than you are.

As part of our wider duty of care Wilberfoss Primary School is required to ensure that children are able to use the internet and related communications technologies safely and appropriately. Technology such as firewalls and filtering and monitoring software are an important aspect of safeguarding the school's computer networks. The school works closely with the Local Authority and Internet Service Providers to ensure that our provision is safe.

E-safety must be a whole school responsibility; we follow the old Becta guidelines on e-Safety throughout the school. We have included a selection of useful links to online e-safety websites. Please use these with your child so that you are all aware of the best, and safest way to make use of the Internet.

But please remember that the Internet is no more dangerous than any other aspect of a child's life. It's all too easy to become paranoid and overly worried. To use the Internet effectively and safely requires an awareness of the benefits and risks, on the parts of teachers, parents and children. However, we believe that following some simple and straight forward guidelines, it is possible for you to get the most out of the Internet and emerging technologies and keep your children safe online.


The Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre is part of UK policing dedicated to eradicating child abuse in many online forms. It's You Tube videos are particularly good and the Think You Know website is essential for parents and children alike.

CEOP have produced a letter to parents "Learn How To Protect Your Child Online" which is available to download below.

Parental Guides To Online Safety & Social Media

A series of useful and informative websites for E-Safety information. These are all chosen to be Adult-friendly. There are more links on the Pupil Internet Safety pages for you and your children to look at together.