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Rio Olympics 2016

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Well done Team GB!


Great Britain and Northern Ireland finished second in the medal table, earning an incredible 65 medals!


Final Medal Table Top 3 Teams

# Country
1 United States 46 37 38 121
2 Great Britain 27 23 17 67
3 China 26 18 26 70


Rio Olympics 2016

The Olympic Games are held every four years. This year the event is being held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Games opened on 5th August and a closing ceremony will take place on 21st August. 


Where did the games begin?

The Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, in southwest Greece. The Games were part of a religious festival. The Greek Olympics, thought to have begun in 776 BC, inspired the modern Olympic Games (begun in 1896) The Games were held in honour of Zeus, king of the gods, and were staged every four years at Olympia, a valley near a city called Elis. People from all over the Greek world came to watch and take part.


You can read more about the Ancient Games on the BBC website. Follow the links below:

Rio 2016 Mascot

Vinicius - Rio 2016 Olympic Mascot


The mascot for Rio 2016 is called Vinicius. 


Vinicius is a mix of different Brazilian animals. His design takes inspiration from pop culture, as well as video game and animation characters. Alongside his Paralympic Games colleague, Vinicius represents the diversity of the Brazilian people and culture, as well as its exuberant nature.



At the first Olympic Games of the modern era in Athens in 1896, the winner was crowned with an olive wreath and received a silver medal. James B. Connolly of Massachusetts was the first modern Olympic champion to be rewarded one. The 1904 Olympic Games in St Louis, were the first at which gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for first, second, and third place.


The medals have a picture of Nike, goddess of victory, flying into the Panathinaikos stadium bringing triumph to the best athlete. The inscription above her is: “XXXI Olympiada Rio 2016”.

The reverse has laurel leaves – a symbol of victory in the ancient Greece, in the form of the wreaths awarded to competition winners. They are surrounding the Rio 2016 Olympics logo.


There are 812 gold, 812 silver and 864 bronze medals to be awarded at the Olympics this year.  

Did you know?

  • Each medal weighs 500g and the have been made sustainably.

  • The silver and bronze medals have been produced using 30 per cent recycled materials and the ribbons are made from 50 per cent recycled materials.


Why not keep up to date with the Olympic action this Summer. You can watch the coverage on television or click the links below for up to date news stories and results.