Believe, Grow, Achieve


Reading – it’s your child’s ticket to everywhere! Establishing a good reading routine is essential! One of the most important things you can do for your child is develop their love of books early on in life. It really is the key to their future learning and success.

  • Children naturally copy what they see their parents doing, so lead by example. The more you read, the more they’ll read! Books, magazines, newspapers, footie results, recipes, e-mails, instruction manuals, birthday cards – it doesn’t matter what you read - it’ll show reading as an enjoyable, useful skill worth having (not just as a chore associated with school and homework).
  • Settling down together with a good storybook is a special, quality time that enables you to bond with your child. It’s the perfect time for them to open up and tell you how they feel or what they’ve been doing, so make sure there are no distractions.
  • Turn off the TV, put your mobile on silent and choose a time for storytelling when you don’t have to multi-task or rush.
  • 10 to 15 minutes of reading together is enough, unless your child asks for more. Little and often is the key to success. Try to make reading with your child a pleasurable daily activity.
  • Don’t force them to read with you – that’s a sure-fire way to put them off books altogether.
  • Let your child experience as many different kinds of reading material as possible – picture books, pop-up books, rhyming books, comics, magazines, story books and factual books.
  • It’s important that your child reads aloud to you, even after they’re able to read fluently. You can still read aloud to them too. It helps them to use their imagination, build concentration and develop comprehension, as practice helps children really get into the story without having to stop and work out new words.



Our sound videos below will show you the sounds that our RWInc phonics system for reading and writing teachers the children.  Thank you to our lovely volunteers for being our mini-teachers!