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Design and Technology

D and T at Wilberfoss - The Big Picture! 

Big Picture 

Through the design and technology  curriculum, we would like children to  develop new skills, build confidence  when using tools and be able to apply  these to practical tasks. The children will  be given opportunities to follow an  iterative design process where they will  make relevant and unique products that  achieve a purposeful outcome. Cross  curricular skills will be used and children  will understand the importance of these.  Children should have an understanding  of the importance of design historically  and that design makes essential  contributions to the improvements to  their and others’ lives.


In the EYFS D and T knowledge is primarily taught through the ‘Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring Media and Materials’ area of learning (EYFS Progression document).  This will then be built upon in Year 1 where learning follows the National Curriculum art and design programme of study. This is supplemented by the D and T Association. Topics and experiences have been sequenced in the long term plan to show progression across all year groups and key stages. Skills are revisited to ensure prior learning can be used to support new ideas and concepts (See Curriculum Overview document).  Children are given opportunities to carry out their own practical tasks with the view to developing lifelong skills.


Teaching is sequenced with research/ investigation of similar products, iterative design process, focus practical tasks and making sessions including ongoing evaluation and improvement where appropriate. (See Iterative design flowchart)

As the school is currently working towards developing the status of DT, subject specific professional development is in place with staff needs being assessed to target areas for development.

The plan for development uses assessment questions to ignite reflective discussion during  lessons. The questions aim to promote dialogue about the success of the focus skills, possible ideas for further improvement and opportunities for children to reflect on the materials and techniques used. 

The Curriculum overview document includes core knowledge and skill development for each year group. Key technical terminology is taught in context.

Assessment questions provide teachers with an indicator of pupil confidence. Evidence of progression of skills in all year groups can be seen in Topic Books and on twitter with the hashtag #DandT and #wpscurriculum..


Assessment is carried out through ongoing teacher assessment and sticky knowledge quizzes. The Curriculum Overview Document gives staff ideas for the context of the learning. Evidence of attainment can be seen on insight (Tapestry for individual observations in EYFS) and is used by the subject leader to analyse progression of individual pupil skills and any areas to address. 

D and T provides opportunities for cross curricular writing, such as instruction and explanation. Maths opportunities are also available such as measurement.

Curriculum Progression Map for D&T

d t coverage grid 1 .pdf