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Knowledge Organisers

We use Knowledge Organisers (KOs) in class and as homework to help children to learn the essential knowledge they need for each topic they study. A KO sets out in detail what we want children to know by heart by the end of the topic.  We expect the majority of children to be able to recall all of the information on the KO by the end of the unit of work.

The children will be able to talk to you about the section they are learning about that week so you can practise at home. The children will be tested on these in class to help them remember what they are learning - this will be very much high challenge, low threat testing (so not marked, in  backs of books.) This allows children to self-assess their learning and to pick up on parts they haven't fully learned yet.

It is also useful for children to go back to previous KOs and revise these so that the information from previous learning is not forgotten.
Please click the links below to download the current Knowledge Organiser for your child's class. 

Autumn Term 2020

Y1 Seasons

Y1/2 Childhood Changes

Y3/4 Ancient Greeks

Y3/4 Science - Inside the Human Body

Y5 - Properties and Changes of Materials

Y5/6 Crime and Punishment

Y6 Light


Spring Term 2020

Y1/2 Hot and Cold Places

Y1/2 Materials

Y3/4 Extreme Earth

Y5/6 Rivers

Y6 Animals, including humans


Autumn Term 2019

Y1/2 Powerful People

Y1/2 Animals, including humans

Y3/4  Romans

Y5/6 How has life changed in Britain since WWII?